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the aas secretariat will be closed on thursday, july 4 and friday, july 5, in observation of the july fourth holiday

aas 2020 annual conference program committee

dr. erica fox brindley
china and inner asia sub-committtee
pennsylvania state university
dr. timothy c. cheek
china and inner asia sub-committtee
university of british columbia
dr. sara friedman
china and inner asia sub-committtee
indiana university
dr. timothy s. george
japan sub-committee
university of rhode island
dr. brian a. hatcher
committee vice-chair - inter-area / border crossing sub-committee
tufts university
dr. miyako inoue
japan sub-committee
stanford university
dr. joan judge
committee chair - interarea/border crossing sub-committee
york university
dr. joshua pilzer
korea sub-committee
university of toronto
ronit ricci
south asia/southeast asia sub-committee
hebrew university of jerusalem
dr. ramya sreenivasan
south asia/southeast asia sub-committee
university of pennsylvania