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aas 2018 book prize winners

the aas is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s book prize competitions and offer congratulations to the authors and presses. we encourage everyone to attend the awards ceremony at the upcoming aas annual conference in washington, d.c. on friday, march 23, where the authors will be recognized and receive citations.

joseph levenson pre-1900 book prize (china)

li chen, chinese law in imperial eyes: sovereignty, justice, and transcultural politics, columbia university press

joseph levenson post-1900 book prize (china)

sigrid schmalzer, red revolution, green revolution: scientific farming in socialist china, university of chicago press

e. gene smith book prize (inner asia)

tom cliff, oil and water: being han in xinjiang, university of chicago press

honorable mention: daniel hirshberg, remembering the lotus-born: padmasambhava in the history of tibet’s golden age, wisdom publications

patrick d. hanan book prize for translation (china and inner asia)

stephen durrant, wai-yee li, david schaberg, zuo tradition/zuo zhuan: commentary on the “spring and autumn annals,” university of washington press

honorable mention: anthony barbieri-low, robin yates, law, state and society in early imperial china, brill

john whitney hall book prize (japan)

satoko shimazaki, edo kabuki in transition: from the worlds of the samurai to the vengeful female ghost, columbia university press

honorable mention: yoshikuni igarashi, homecomings: the belated return of japan's lost soldiers, columbia university press

james palais book prize (korea)

youngju ryu, writers of the winter republic: literature and resistance in park chung hee’s korea, university of hawaii press

honorable mention: jaeeun kim, contested embrace: transborder membership politics in twentieth-century korea, stanford university press

bernard cohn book prize (first book on south asia)

nathaniel roberts, to be cared for: the power of conversion and the foreignness of belonging in an indian slum, university of california press

honorable mention: walter hakala, negotiating languages: urdu, hindi, and the definition of modern south asia, columbia university press

a.k. coomaraswamy book prize (south asia)

cynthia talbot, the last hindu emperor: prithviraj chauhan and the indian past 1200-2000, cambridge university press

honorable mention: sara dickey, living class in urban india, rutgers university press

a.k. ramanujan prize for translation (south asia)

kenneth bryant, john s. hawley, surdas, sur’s ocean: poems from the early tradition, harvard university press

honorable mention: charles hallisey, therigatha: poems of the first buddhist women, harvard university press

harry j. benda prize (first book on southeast asia)

rachel leow, taming babel: language in the making of malaysia, cambridge university press

franklin buchanan prize for curricular materials

aili mu, contemporary chinese short-short stories: a parallel text, columbia university press

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