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best of the eaa archives: a new #asianow feature

this is the first of a series of posts that will highlight outstanding articles, essays, interviews, and reviews that are among the over 1,500 archived open access materials available on the education about asia website. titles, short annotations, and links are below.

nimish adhia’s “the history of economic development in india since independence” (winter 2015) is a superb, clearly written introductory overview for students on indian economic history since 1947. 

marvin marcus, also the author of the key issues in asia studies volume japanese literature: from murasaki to murakami, in "natsume sōseki and modern japanese literature (fall 2015) published an engaging biographical sketch of the iconic japanese novelist. 

readers of wang ping's autobiographical “i am a chinese english teacher” (fall 2015) will learn not only about the life of a chinese high school teacher, but also get a sense of the changes that occurred in china over a short period of time.

angela lee's “periodization and historical patterns in chinese history: approaches to historical thinking skills in ap world history” (spring 2016) gives teachers classroom-tested strategies that promote critical thinking in world history. 

edward baker's “kim dae-jung’s role in the democratization of south korea” (spring 2014) profiles the korean statesman, who the author knew well and who is often compared to nelson mandela.

best of the eaa archives, number 1

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