aas welcomes students

membership in aas is essential for students who wish to develop a career in asian studies.

benefits of membership include opportunities to network with a large and diverse group of asian studies scholars and students (close to 8,000 members worldwide) and to keep up with—as well as present—the latest research.

in addition to the many benefits accorded all aas members

students also benefit from the following:

  • reduced member dues
  • reduced annual meeting registration
  • subsidies for travel to the aas annual conference
  • the aas dissertation workshop
  • interview facilities and a graduate student reception at the annual conference
  • the aas first book subvention program

the aas annual conference and aas regional conferences

the aas welcomes and encourages graduate student presentations and attendance at its annual conference. the annual conference is an excellent means to seek professional guidance, network, and present one’s work. aas regional conferences also provide excellent venues for presentations.

each year, an increasing number of graduate students attend, and are part of panels. in order to support the participation of graduate students, the aas board has authorized additional funds for all graduate student participants in a formal panel. ensure you don’t miss out by applying early. additionally, the aas area councils have various funds available to support annual conference attendance.

prizes for best graduate student papers

  • the pattana kitiarsa prize for the best graduate student paper on a southeast asia topic presented at the aas annual conference (from seac, the aas southeast asia council)
  • prize for the best paper on a south asia topic presented at the aas annual conference (from sac, the aas south asia council)
  • prize for the best paper on a china/inner asia topic presented at the aas annual conference (from ciac, the aas china and inner asia council)
  • prize for the best paper on a korea or japan topic presented at the aas annual conference (from neac, the aas northeast asia council)

aas dissertation workshop

the aas holds a dissertation workshop, which runs in conjunction with the aas annual conference. the dissertation workshop is intended to bring together students preparing dissertations on a given topic or area, and is designed to enable students just beginning to work on their dissertations, or else well into them, to engage in intensive discussions of their own and each others’ projects. it is intended to encourage greater cross-regional exchange and will also explore possibilities for continuing contact among interested students and faculty.