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the aas secretariat will be closed on thursday, july 4 and friday, july 5, in observation of the july fourth holiday

editorial board


  • lucien ellington, university of tennessee at chattanooga

associate editors

  • peter frost (emeritus), university of mississippi
  • david grossman, east-west center
  • roberta martin, columbia university
  • kristin e. stapleton, state university of new york at buffalo

editorial advisory board

  • fay beauchamp, community college of philadelphia
  • patricia burleson, national consortium for teaching about asia
  • gary decoker, earlham college
  • anne feldhaus, arizona state university
  • peter frost (emeritus), university of mississippi
  • gwen johnson, educational consultant
  • arnold p. kaminsky (emeritus), california state university, long beach
  • karen kane, columbia university
  • rita kipp, retired
  • linda lewis, american friends service committee
  • roberta martin, columbia university
  • stephanie lee rizas, bethesda-chevy chase high school, maryland
  • richard j. smith, rice university
  • kristin e. stapleton, state university of new york at buffalo
  • ian tiedemann, greenwich high school, connecticut
  • paul b. watt, depauw university
  • anand a. yang, university of washington


  • nimish adhia, manhattanville college
  • arthur barbeau (emeritus), west liberty state college
  • fay beauchamp, community college of philadelphia
  • mary bernson, university of washington
  • fritz blackwell (emeritus), washington state university
  • frank chance, university of pennsylvania
  • linda chance, university of pennsylvania
  • linda cuadra, tacoma community college
  • mary connor, national korean studies seminar
  • clayton dube, university of southern california
  • dan duffy, việt nam literature project
  • peter gilmartin, primary source
  • jared hall, hotchkiss school
  • scott harrison, asia pacific foundation of canada
  • charles w. hayford, visiting scholar, northwestern university
  • michele ferrier heryford, university of pittsburgh
  • vera heuer, virginia military institute
  • duane johansen, the excel center
  • david jones, kennesaw state university
  • brenda jordan, university of pittsburgh
  • karen kane, columbia university
  • marleen kassel, queens college-cuny
  • tommy lamont, groton school
  • ronnie littlejohn, belmont university
  • kelly ann long, colorado state university
  • daniel a. métraux (emeritus), mary baldwin college
  • gary mukai, stanford university
  • ann wood norton, providence college
  • lynn parisi, university of colorado
  • anne prescott, smith college
  • michael j. seth, james madison university
  • lesley solomon, independent scholar
  • caryn stedman, the metropolitan learning center
  • namji kim steinemann, east-west center
  • carol stepanchuk, university of michigan
  • diana marston wood, university of pittsburgh